Policy Document

Acceptable Use of IT, Internet Safety & Photography

Policy Statement 

Dragonfly Nursery accepts that in the 21st Century the internet and social media are inherent to people’s lives and important for sharing information as well as a learning tool. However we are also aware that this global network comes with its own risks and dangers. We therefore set out these following guidelines to protect the children, staff and parents who use the setting. 


Use of the internet at nursery the staff are permitted to use the internet on the nursery computer providing it is for the educational benefit of the children. This may be for gathering information, images or to use an age appropriate learning programme or video footage for the children. 

If a staff member wishes to access the internet for their personal use this must be at the strict request of the manager/ owner and she must approve the specific web site that is to be accessed. Staff may access the internet for personal use via their personal Smart phones in their own time and only during their staff breaks.

Use of e mail E mail can be used by staff for work purposes from the nursery computer but only sent through the nursery’s e mail account. 

Where a member of staff wishes to send information via the nursery e mail account they must obtain strict permission of the manager. E mailing of personal, sensitive, confidential or classified information should be avoided and if required necessary to do so should be at the express consent of the manager. 

Staff are asked not to contact parents from their personal e mail accounts nor give out their personal e mail addresses. 

Use of photography The use of photographs publishing pupil’s Images all parents/carers will be asked to give permission to use their child's work/photos in the following ways:

  • For display 
  • For the nursery prospectus and other printed publications or displays that the nursery may produce for promotional purposes beyond the nursery building 
  •  For the nursery website 
  •  For the nursery Facebook page 
  • For general media appearances, e.g. local/ national media/ press releases sent to the press highlighting an activity (sent using traditional methods or electronically)
  • For use in sharing at training events or for staff members continued education purposes, eg sharing with the local authority. 

This consent form is considered valid for the entire period that the child attends nursery unless there is a change in the child’s circumstances where consent could be an issue, e.g. divorce of parents, custody issues, etc. 

We will keep a list of children for whom permission has not been granted and all staff will be provided with this information. 

Parents or carers may withdraw permission, in writing, at any time. 

Pupils’ names will not be published alongside their image and vice versa. 

If we use an individual image of a child then we will not use the name of that child in any accompanying text. 

If we name a pupil, no photograph will accompany the article. 

We will not use the full names of any child or adult in a photographic image or video in any of our publications or on our website. 

We may include pictures of pupils or teachers that that have been drawn by pupils. 

We will not use the full names of any child or adult in a photographic image or video in any of our publications or on our website. 

We may include pictures of pupils or teachers that that have been drawn by pupils. 

Where newspapers insist on using the full names of pupils with photographs, as long as the nursery has secured parental consent and parents know that their child will be named in the newspaper, and possibly on the newspaper website, then we will have met our safeguarding obligations. 

If we or parents have any concerns regarding the use of photographs by the press, they should contact the Press Complaints Commission. 

To safeguard your children all photographs are taken ONLY on the nursery’s camera and not individual’s cameras or mobile phones. 

Photographs are then stored on the nursery or manger’s computer only. 

ONLY photographs to document children’s development or to share information on the web site/ displays in the setting should be taken whilst at nursery. 

Parents taking pictures

We will make the request of visitors that they take no unauthorised photographs of their, or other children at the nursery. 

Any students wishing to use photographs for their study purposes will be asked to gain permission of the parents beforehand. 

We appreciate that many parents will want to record their children at special events, for example the nativity plays. However with respect to other family’s privacy we ask them to agree to only publishing pictures or video footage of their own children on social media sites. 

Any reports of parents not complying with this request will be dealt with by the manager. 

Mobile phones with cameras: Staff will be asked to leave all their mobile phones in a safe storage place on entering the nursery (this will be in a container in the Kitchen). Phones are then available for others to contact staff in emergencies but not available for the staff’s own use on nursery premises. 

If a member of staff needs to use a phone they may use the nursery’s own phone, or their own whilst on a break off site. The same request will be made of visitors and any volunteers/ students who are on site. 

Storage of Images 

Images/ films of children are stored on the nursery’s computer

Staff are not permitted to use personal portable media for storage of images (e.g., USB sticks) without the express permission of the manager.

 Rights of access to this material are restricted to the nursery staff. 

ON a regular basis the manager should delete images when they are no longer required, and when the pupil has left the school. 

Social Media

Dragonfly nursery accepts that staff may want  to accept friend requests from parents on social media sites this however is prohibited and may result in a disciplinary action. 

When staff are using social media sites no reference should be given to specific children or parents by name. 

 No pictures taken on the nursery setting should be published on personal social media pages.

Under no circumstances should friend requests be accepted from children under the age of 13 this would apply primarily to EX Pupils.

Social media sites other than the setting’s own Facebook page should not be accessed on the nursery computer. 

Staff may access their own social media pages from their own phones but only during their agreed breaks. 

Do not make disparaging remarks about your employer/colleagues. Doing this in the presence of others may be deemed as bullying and/or harassment. 

 If you have any concerns about information on your social networking site or if you are the victim of cyberbullying, you should contact your Manager immediately if you feel it is related to the nursery.

Acceptable use policy ICT and related technology

The internet and mobile devices are an expected part of our daily working life. This policy is designed to make sure that all staff are aware of their professional responsibilities when using any form of ICT. 

All staff are expected to sign this policy and adhere at all times to its content. If you have any concerns or need clarification you can talk to Kate (E safety lead). 

I will comply with the Dragonfly Preschool  e safety policy 

I understand that using the setting’s ICT system for a purpose not permitted by Dragonfly Nursery may result in disciplinary or criminal procedures. 

 I will comply with the ICT system and not disclose any passwords provided to me by the manager. 

 I will only use the setting’s e mail/ internet for professional purposes. 

I will not use the setting’s ICT system to access personal e mails. 

I will not install any hardware or software without the permission of Kate. 

I will not browse, download, upload or distribute any material that could be considered offensive, illegal or discriminatory. 

 I will only take, store and use images of children, young people or staff for professional purposes in line with the setting’s ‘use of photographs’ policy and with written consent of the parent, carer or staff member. 

I will not distribute images outside of the setting without the permission of the parent/ carer, member of staff or manager. 

I will support the setting’s e – safety policy and help children to be safe and responsible in their use of ICT and related technologies. 

I will report any incidents of concern regarding children’s safety to the e – safety lead, the Child Protection Liaison Officer or Manager. 

I understand that sanctions for disregarding any of the above will be in line with the setting’s disciplinary procedures and serious infringement may be referred to the police.