Policy Document


Policy Statement 

Accidents can be very distressing to anyone involved so at the Preschool we ensure that we follow this police and procedure to ensure all parties are supported and cared for, and their health safety and welfare is protected throughout their in the nursery. 



The person responsible for reporting accidents, incidents or near misses is the member of staff who witnesses the incident. They must record it on the accident form and report it to the manager. This should be done as soon as the accident is dealt with, while the details are still clearly remembered. The parents must be shown the Accident report and asked to sign it as soon as they collect their child. 

The Preschool manager must report serious accidents to the registered person for investigation for further action to be taken (for example a full risk assessment or report under Reporting of injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) 

The Accident form will be kept for at 21 years and 3 months. 

Where medical attention is required a senior member of staff should notify the parent as soon as possible whilst caring for the child appropriately. 

Where medical treatment is required the Preschool Manager will also inform the insurance company in writing. The Preschool manager will report any accidents requiring medical attention of OFSTED where necessary 

First aid 

The first aid boxes are located in the kitchen and in the main storage cupboard. 

All the staff hold first aid certificates and it is the managing director’s duty to remain the appointed person responsibility for first aid and to ensure that all staff keep their qualifications relevant. 

Personal Protection Equipment ( PPE) 

The nursery provides staff with PPE according to the need of the activity. Staff must wear PPE to protect themselves and children during care tasks that involve contact with bodily fluid. PPE is also provided for the handling of chemicals and preparing food. 

Dealing with blood

Staff should also take extra precautions when cleaning wounds as some infections can be transmitted via blood. The Preschool may not necessarily know if a child may be carrying a blood infection on their register.