Policy Document

Alcohol and Drugs

  • The consumption of either drugs or alcohol by any member of staff, volunteer or visitor is strictly forbidden upon any premises/areas used by the Preschool.
  • Failure to comply with this policy by a member of staff will result in disciplinary action and quite likely instant dismissal.
  • Please refer to the NO SMOKING/VAPING POLICY for details of actions to be taken by the management if staff are found to be in breach of the policy as the same steps will be taken to deal with this matter if an incident were to occur regarding alcohol or drugs.
  • Any visitor observed to be consuming either alcohol or illegal substances or appears to have consumed an excess of the said products will be told to leave the premises and any area used by the Preschool.
  • If the visitor refuses to leave, it is the responsibility of the staff member whom observed this breach to call the police immediately using 999
  • The concern so staff must ensure that the visitor in breach of our policy is not near any of the children 
  • Staff must lock themselves and the children inside if the visitor is outdoors or vacate the building immediately, taking the children with them to a place of safety until it is deemed safe to return. 
  • If the visitor which is consuming the alcohol or substance or appears to have consumed an excess of said products is a parent of one of the children who attends our group the same procedure must take place and include the child of the visitor. 
  • The child will remain in the place of safety until the police arrives 
  • They will inform us as to what they intend to do with the visitor.
  • It is then the duty of the staff responsible for all matter s pertaining to safeguarding to contact another family member to collect the child. 
  •  The safeguarding to contact another family member to collect the child 
  • The safeguarding lead for the setting will then report the incident to the local safeguarding lead for the area
  • When the incident is over and the children are all safe with staff members and back in the setting a member of staff must ensure that no debris from the incident has been left behind.
  • In the event that needles and the like are left behind these must be disposed of safely and in accordance with the “disposing of material hazardous to health” policy set out by Surrey County Council 


Although it is not our practice to keep children from their parents, out procedure for an event of this nature ensures that all children are kept from harm and distress

We will continue to maintain this policy as to adhere to the “convention on the rights of the child” set out by unicef.org.uk