Policy Document

Care and Toileting Policy

Our inclusive practice welcomes children of varying ability and need, therefore, staff are required to provide adequate support and sensitivity to maintain the dignity of each child and ensure that their privacy and is assured. 

  • At the Preschool we are aware that each child will progress and develop at their own pace and regardless of the need or ability, individuals will be supported to become as independent as they are able to whilst they are with us. 
  • All the Preschool staff will be trained to understand, support, assist and be sensitive to the children’s toileting needs whilst adhering to this policy. 
  • Staff will assist children with intimate/personal care as required 
  • The Preschool staff will work with parents/carers to maintain continuity of care and education when parents/carers are attempting to toilet train the children. 
  • The Preschool Staff are trained to understand the heightened risk of abuse which children with disabilities are vulnerable to and will ensure that children are protected from harm or abuse at all times this may become more apparent while toileting. 
  • Staff are trained to observe signs and symptoms of abuse and will report any suspicions/concerns immediately to the member of staff responsible for safeguarding or member of the management. 
  • The Preschool Staff will not put themselves at risk of accusation of abuse or mistreatment by assuring that they do not provide intimate care without first discretely informing other staff their intentions. Staff will carry out intimate/personal care as required in area that is private but may be accessed by other members of staff.
  • Staff will never be alone with a child in a locked room 
  • Staff of all genders will provide intimate/personal care for children of all genders 
  • The Preschool will provide adequate staffing levels to ensure that this policy can be adhered to at all times
  • Every child will receive support to develop their self-respect and if they are able to, become independent as possible while toileting an personal hygiene 
  • Children which require additional support will be catered for and will not be made to feel isolated because of their degree of need. 
  • Disposable gloves/aprons are provided for staff whilst carrying out duties which involve personal/intimate care 
  • The Preschool advice parents/carers to provide daily a spare full set of clothing for the children attending our setting, there are clean dry spares available if these have been forgotten. 
  • The Preschool does require children that are in nappies/pull ups that the parents/carers provide enough plus wipes in the child’s bag for that day at Preschool. The setting does have spares of these if they do get forgotten.
  • The Disability discrimination act 2005 provides protection for anyone which had a disability must not be discriminated against. Therefore children who are incontinent due to a disability will be cared for appropriately and equally.