Policy Document

Equal Opportunities Policy

Purpose of Policy The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Dragonfly preschool meets the needs of its customers and potential customers by ensuring equal access to the setting regardless of individual circumstances. 

Dragonfly preschool is aware that social and cultural circumstances can disadvantage certain groups in society. 

We also recognise that there is direct and indirect discrimination that can affect assessment for childcare places, recruitment, and promotion and training opportunities.

 Dragonfly preschool is committed to equal opportunities in order to meet the needs of the families that we work with, the staff that we employ and the community in which we are based through enhancing awareness and understanding of others. 

Who is responsible?

 All members of staff have a responsibility to ensure that their own practice reflects the policies and procedures of Dragonfly preschool. In addition all members of staff have a responsibility to identify their own training needs that may occur when working with children and young people and families. The manager has a responsibility to ensure that all practices in the nursery adhere to this policy and also the inclusion policy. The manager also has a responsibility to ensure that where training needs have been identified, indirectly or indirectly, all members of staff have an opportunity to have these needs met. 

How will the policy be implemented? 

Staff Recruitment of staff will be carried out using job descriptions, person specifications and specific criteria based on professional, personal and experiential skills. Dragonfly preschool aims to ensure that all staff have the opportunity to attend training events to ensure that there is respect and understanding of each child's customs and culture. Staff will use diplomacy and tact when implementing this policy. 

Recruitment and Training Dragonfly preschool is committed to ensuring that candidates for employment and existing members of staff are not discriminated against on any grounds, including:

 • Gender

 • Race

 • Nationality 

• Colour 

• Ethnicity

• Disability

 • Marital status 

• Sexuality

 • Responsibility for dependants 

• Age 

• Religious belief

 • Work pattern 

This commitment applies to all aspects of employment including:

 • Recruitment and selection, including advertisements, job descriptions, interview and selection procedures 

• Training 

• Promotion and development of career opportunities 

• Terms and conditions of employment and access to employment related facilities and benefits 

• Grievance handling and the application of disciplinary procedures 

• Selection for redundancy Dragonfly preschool is committed to anti-discriminatory practice and it is the responsibility of the management to ensure this policy is maintained. Where problems or complaints arise, the manager will ensure that a full investigation takes place and that any necessary follow up action is taken, this may include initiating disciplinary action where appropriate. 

Racism and Sexism 

Dragonfly preschool is committed to developing awareness within the setting of the needs of those who face discrimination and the effects of discrimination on society. Thus, racist and sexist comments are dealt with in a sensitive and tactful manner in order that positive discussion promotes understanding. Dragonfly preschool understands that different people will have different attitudes regarding racism and sexism and different understandings of what constitutes a racist or sexist action or comment. All members of staff will use their own informed judgement in deciding the manner in which any situations are dealt with. If a member of staff is unsure as to the manner in which they should deal with a situation, they should report the issue to the manager who will advise them on the action that should be taken. 

Dragonfly preschool believes that members of staff should act as positive role models for the children, therefore if a member of staff is concerned that colleagues are behaving in an unacceptable manner regarding racism or sexism this should be reported to the manager who will deal with the issue through the appropriate channels, members of staff should note that Dragonfly preschool operates a zero tolerance policy on discriminatory behaviour, any member of staff who behaves in a discriminatory manner may be subject to disciplinary procedures.

 Sexual Harassment

Dragonfly preschool believes that all employees are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect whilst at work and when representing the setting in any capacity outside of the setting.

As such Dragonfly preschool will not tolerate the sexual harassment of one employee by another. For the purposes of this policy, sexual harassment is defined as "unwanted conduct directed towards and employee by a fellow employee which is of a sexual nature, or which is based on the person's gender and which is regarded as unwelcome and offensive by the recipient." This may include but is not limited to: 

• Unwanted Physical Contact 

• Unwelcome sexual advances, propositions, suggestions or pressure to participate in social activity outside work, where is has been made clear this is not welcome 

• Conduct which is intimidating, physically or verbally abusive, including the display of explicit material, the use of sexually explicit humour and comments of a sexual nature whether directed specifically at any particular individual or not. • Suggestions that sexual favours may further an employee's career or that refusal may hinder it. 

Dragonfly preschool regards sexual harassment as a form of intimidation, which has the effect of insulting and demeaning the employee against whom it is directed and is therefore unacceptable. All complaints will be dealt with by the manager if appropriate who will assess the complaint and agree on the action to be taken. If the complaint relates to the manager, the member of staff is welcome to contact the development officer for their area who will assist them