Policy Document

Equipment and Resources Policy

  • We believe that high quality and education is promoted by providing children with Safe, clean, Attractive, Age and Stage appropriate resources, toys and equipment. 
  • We aim to provide children with resources and equipment which help consolidate and extend their knowledge, skills and aptitudes. 
  • We provide play equipment and resources with are safe and where applicable conform to the BSEN safety standards or TOYS ( safety) REGULATION 1995
  • We provide sufficient quantity of equipment and resources for the number of children
  • We provide resources which promote all areas of children’s learning and development, which are both children and adult led. 
  • We select books, equipment and resources which to promote positive images of people and a true representation of a diverse society, we make sure that we display non-discriminatory behaviour and avoid gender stereotyping. 
  •  We provide play equipment and resources, which promote continuity and progression, provide a sufficient challenge and meet the needs and interests of all the children. 
  • We provide man made, natural and recycled materials for the children to have access to which are all in good safe clean condition. 
  • We provide furniture which is suitable for children and also have adult appropriate furniture. 
  • We store all resources and equipment safety and mostly accessible to the children to allow them to independently choose from.
  • We check all resources and equipment regularly as the room is prepared before every session and tidied after it. We repair, clean or replace any dirty or damaged equipment. 
  • We keep and inventory of resources and equipment
  • We provide adequate insurance cover for the Preschool’s resources and equipment 
  • We plan the provision of activities and appropriate resources so that a balance of familiar equipment and resources and new challenges is offered.