Policy Document

Staff Supervision

Policy Statement

 As part of our culture of safeguarding and continuous improvement we implement a system of supervision for all of our staff following their induction and probation period.

 The role of the supervisor is to help and support practitioners to; 

  • Make each practitioners’ work more open and accountable 
  •  Support the emotional needs of practitioners who are supporting the emotional needs of children 
  •  Encourage effective reflection on work interactions While supervision is a supportive adult to adult forum for discussion and problem solving, it may include how any home or personal circumstances are impacting on the professional work but it is not appropriate for personal issues/difficulties to become the main focus of supervision. 


Supervision will take place once every half term, the date to be confirmed with practitioners; each practitioner will be given at least 48 hours’ notice. If a practitioner needs additional support or there is a performance issue, supervision can be more frequent. 

The supervisor may be either the setting Manager/Leader or the General Manager, staff may choose who may be more appropriate for their requirements. 

The supervision will usually take place in an office area or other private area free from interruptions if possible. The supervision will take approximately 15-20 minutes, notes will be taken, and kept in each individual’s supervision notebook, which is the responsibility of the practitioner and should be stored in a secure/locked draw or cupboard, or can be kept by the practitioner. 

A date will be set for next supervision. Any action to be taken will have a given time frame. Information shared in supervision sessions is confidential. 

Supervision meetings offer a regular opportunity for members of staff to declare any criminal offences since their last DBS or any reason or incapability to work with children. 

This is recorded as a declaration on the individual member of staff’s supervision form. 

The supervision process will be evaluated once/twice a year through staff feedback